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It won't be easy.  More difficult than stopping nazism and communism. :(

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It is good to share, but not in the cost of climate change and sending jobs to poorer countries. Yes, the poor deserve jobs but like what happened to Sears Canada. Sears Canada closed down. Some people I know used to work for Sears Canada, in a call centre, but they were laid off and those jobs were sent to a poorer country and those people don't get paid much, in those jobs and they deserve different jobs that paid at least a bit more, that is based in their own country. 

My theory is that Sears was starting to lose money and they decided to send jobs to another country to save money, but it backfired, as at some point Sears Canada, went out of business. I hope those people in the other country got a new job that paid them at least a little better, that is based in their own country 

About Climate Change, from sources, it might be still possible to reverse climate change but from another source, it might be already too late and we are doomed.