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Dairy Queen
Burger King
Taco Bell
Orange Julius

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Closest I would come to any of that crap might be Subway. That would probably be in Laramie which is 50 miles away. Maybe Rawlins but I've never looked.

Although when I was a kid in California? I loved Dairy Queen!

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I love A&W, just wish that they weren't so expensive. At least they have coupons, some better than others. I love Dairy Queen, just like A&W, wish that they weren't so expensive, at least they have coupons, at times, which I rarely use. I don't use the A&W ones that much either. I like Burger King, they do have coupons to time to time, but rarely use them. I also like McDonald's, I don't go there all the time. Very rarely use the coupons they have, very rarely, when they ever get them that is.

Subway, I don't recall if they got coupons or not, in Canada, if they do, I don't use them. I don't go there very often, but I like most of the subs I got from there.

Never really went to Wendy's, I don't remember eating anything from there, but I remember my Dad ordering food for some people staying at the hospital overnight when my Grandmother was on her death bed. I don't know if I got anything from there or not, it was a long time ago. Don't know if I ever been to Taco Bell, but been to Taco Time. I like Orange Julius, but it isn't my favourite. I didn't pick KFC, because of the odd time I order something from them or someone else orders for me, it wasn't the best food, according to my memory.

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Burger King, by
Five Guys
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Burger King, by
Burger King.