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Some people have sent nasty messages to my old man and he can't even read them!

One lady from back East swears he's the love of her life but I think she's a gold digger.

At least I know who Dad's real friends are now!

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It's such a shame that you've had to put up with stuff like that, Hitman.  :(


@Tink: It's harder for the people there that really care. Feel really sorry for Brandi for having to go through all this crap. But one of his real friends found this woman's phone number and gave her hell. He comes home today to her home for home care and at least she will be finally at peace.

I just hope when or if the old man remembers everything that nothing is mentioned to him about this!

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YIKES!!! Excuse the, all caps, but that is horrible and sad. As (I hope) most people are aware of, even the elderly experience some kind of mistreatment, (in this case, I think was a form of bullying) some worse than others. Sorry, that you and your Dad had to deal with that.

In Canada, people with disabilities (like myself) and the elderly need to be treated better. I don't have it that bad (as I still live at home) but in a care home near where I live, there are four beds in I assume most rooms there and my Mom was visiting someone there, and she due to the 'bed issue' my Mom had to sit on that person's bed, even though she didn't want to. 

A friend of mine who is literally a few days younger than me is severely disabled and the care home she lives in, serves questionable food, once she got sent to the hospital in another city as they didn't properly cut up the food well enough, so the food got trapped in her throat so a surgeon had to take the food out. Also, my friend is forced to wear a diaper instead of getting the help she needs to 'use the washroom'. Nurses and care workers need to do more with people with special needs and the elderly and not be lazy. I know it is hard work, to care for the needy, but that is no excuse to be lazy. People need to care more about others.

I know it isn't your Dad's situation, but they are other areas that staff and others need to work on with the elderly and persons with disabilities. 


@EternalSailorSol: Yes, I saw it as a form of bullying. Luckily Rooster has a real good friend in the FBI and between him and his brother, they set this woman and any others straight. They told me to stay out of it as my mouth and temper might have caused more trouble.

Unfortunately, many care homes are run like that. Horrible!

That's why I'm forever in debt to Brandi for taking him into her Home to take care of him. He would be blushing with the women fussing over him.


That is good that you have Brandi there to take care of him.

Also, what I meant by questionable food is that my friend said that the food there is too fatty, and as a result had to get her gallbladder taken out because of that. The staff at that care home, need to do a better job of providing better food for the people who live there. 

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