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With a passion for history, I watched the latest from Masterpiece Theatre, "World on FIre."  Has anyone else seen it.  Just curious of what others thought of it.  In a nutshell....it's WWII and the German army is about to invade Poland. 

Along with Sean Bean in the cast, I was pleasantly surprised to see Helen Hunt.image


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Must try and find this.

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No have not seen it Freeranger, but Helen Hunt in the cast bodes well!

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Yes, I have seen it... the second episode will be aired this coming Sunday evening.

I thought the style of shifting quickly from one scene to another was a bit too choppy. The acting was excellent, though.


Previously in the afternoon I had sat down and watched "Alone in Berlin," with Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson, which I found riveting.  You don't hear or see much in film about German citizen resistance at home, and the fact that it was based on a true story was the icing on that cake.  How sad about them, and of course, it compelled me to open my laptop following that, where I lost track of time reading about that couple, and others who faced the same fate at home, particularly those teens as members of the White Rose.  Of course, by then the light had faded and I watched the aforementioned.

In this time of staying home for so many, who said it had to be dull and uninteresting.  I'm seldom bored.  History is far from boring.