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We don’t know precisely when he was born

“We have a charter reference saying that Edward was born at Islip, a royal manor in Oxford, sometime in the period 1002 to 1005.

“His father was King Æthelred, who’s best known as Æthelred the Unready (meaning that he wasn’t advised particularly well) and his mother was Emma of Normandy, the sister of the Duke of Normandy at the time. The couple were married in 1002.

“We can’t be precise, but we know that he was definitely born after his parents’ marriage in 1002 and before 1005 when he makes his first appearance, presumably as a baby, in a charter as a witness.”



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I remember reading a biography, many years ago now, tantalizingly incomplete...

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"What made Edward so holy? Well, it is conjectured that his widow Editha commissioned the Life of King Edward (Vita Ædwardi Regis) partly to glorify the deeds of her family, partly to glorify her husband, and partly to excuse her lack of children. After all, if Edward was considered a holy man who was not interested in the things of this world, his sanctity would include refraining from the marriage bed; she couldn’t be held responsible for England’s fate. Nonetheless, this was our most important source for his life and cast him in a holy light. According to Catholic.org, “By 1138, he (Osbert) had converted the Vita Ædwardi…into a conventional saint’s life.” "


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I know nothing about im.

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About Edward's dad...

A king of the Saxons, 'tis said, he

Was known as old Æth, the Unready.

He paid off the Danes,

But for all of his pains,

Fled to France when his luck turned unsteady.