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Oh SFA, I saw the word "Liverpudlian," loved that! :D

...and I must take exception with his w and y explanations, he obviously did not have the same English teacher as I did, because BOTH of those can also act as vowels in the Queen's English also! What our 'w' cannot do as a vowel (which Welsh can), however, is to carry the syllable all alone. So the w in wonder acts as a consonant, while in snow it works with the o as a vowel!

What I am not sure about, however, is words like 'vowel' because THERE it seems to me the w affects both the 'o' sound, as well as launching the second syllable...nope I just checked the dictionary, and the two syllables are vow-el, so looks like the w acts as a vowel here, meaning three vowels in a row? Hmmm...not sure what my English teacher would say about THAT! :'(

Oh and I am so glad Welsh is not a dying language...Jason seemed REALLY clear on that point...


It was in danger at one time but the launch of S4C-our Welsh Language TV channel in 1982-was a catalyst.

Demand for Welsh language education is up-there are more Welsh Language schools than ever-and it is a compulsory subject in the first 9 years of formal schooling in English language schools.

Plenty of evening adult education classes as well.


That's good news! 

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Y Tangnefeddwyr 
Uwch yr eira, wybren ros,
Lle mae Abertawe'n fflam.
Cerddaf adref yn y nos,
Af dan gofio 'nhad a 'mam.
Gwyn eu byd tu hwnt i glyw,
Tangnefeddwyr, plant i Dduw.
Ni châi enllib, ni châi llaid
Roddi troed o fewn i'w tre.
Chwiliai 'mam am air o blaid
Pechaduriaid mwya'r lle.
Gwyn eu byd tu hwnt i glyw,
Tangnefeddwyr, plant i Dduw.
Angel y cartrefi tlawd
Roes i 'nhad y deuberl drud:
Cennad dyn yw bod yn frawd,
Golud Duw yw'r anwel fyd.
Gwyn eu byd tu hwnt i glyw.
Tangnefeddwyr, plant i Dduw.
Cenedl dda a chenedl ddrwg -
Dysgent hwy mai rhith yw hyn,
Ond goleuni Crist a ddwg
Ryddid i bob dyn a'i myn.
Gwyn eu byd, daw dydd a'u clyw,
Dangnefeddwyr, plant i Dduw.
Pa beth heno, eu hystâd,
Heno pan fo'r byd yn fflam?
Mae Gwirionedd gyda 'nhad
Mae Maddeuant gyda 'mam.
Gwyn ei byd yr oes a'u clyw,
Dangnefeddwyr, plant i Dduw. 
The Peacemakers
Rose-red sky above the snow
Where bombed Swansea is alight,
Full of my father and mother I go,
I walk home in the night.
They are blest beyond hearing,
Peacemakers, children of God.
Neither, within their home, abuse
Nor slander could be found.
Mam would look for an excuse
For the biggest scoundrels round.
They are blessed beyond hearing,
Peacemakers, children of God.
It was the angel of poor homes
Gave my father two rich pearls:
Brotherhood the mission of man
God's largesse the invisible world.
They are blessed beyond hearing,
Peacemakers, children of God.
Nation good or nation bad
(So they taught) is fantasy.
In Christ's light is freedom had
For any man that would be free.
Blest, the day dawns that will hear them,
Peacemakers, children of God.
What is their estate tonight,
Tonight, with the world ablaze?
Truth is with my father yet,
Mother with forgiveness stays.
The age will be blest that hears them,
Peacemakers, children ofGod?