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Just up the road from me...

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That damned arrow at Hastings!  Poor Edith!  :'(

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SFA, I just learned a new word -- well sorta word, seems to be some controversy...anyway, CLAGGY seems to be "British dialect for Tending to form clots; sticky. 'claggy mud' "...or, claggy can apparently describe a morning here on the Pacific raincoast of Washington State, Being, "overcast, foggy, or misty weather" - and just for an extra bonus you would NEVER hear described so here in Washington, did you know that a 'cuddy wifter' is a left-handed person? I don't know why someone thought cuddy wifter was important to go along with claggy, but anyway we always just refer to them (affectionately) as 'southpaw'...

N'kay now I go back and listen to more of the excavated escapades of King Harold and his hunting lodge...Wales can't be all that large, but there certainly seems to be a lot of drama over the centuries...I liked the legend of the horse that paws the ground and a spring springs forth...confirmed by the discovery of the claggy stuff...

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Oh, I had forgotten about the arrow in the eye; this really shows how that changed history! Harold would conceivably have won the Battle of Hastings...this is quite fascinating, Sir Furry!

I did not even know there was a river in Wales named Severn. Long ago I worked with a woman named Kathy Severn, now I know the heritage of the name is likely Welsh!


Yes....lots of action in that one field....

Lots of claggy mud on the Severn Estuary...

And it’s been confirmed they are going to make new Time Teams for you tube.

And I discovered that the American version of Time Team only managed two series...compared to twenty years here.


Yes SFA and I am curious to learn if you already knew about the cuddy wifters? I mean...really... ;)