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I never knew that at one time, the Canadian navy was the third largest in the world. By tonnage? I doubt it.

Maybe in April of 1945, after the sinking of the Yamato.

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Oh SFA, time constraints so I did not make it all the way through the full 37 min., but what a superb reference you have found for hx of Canadian navy!

Just a couple of points of interest; this mentions the Halifax explosion! That event gave rise to one of those episodes of heroism...the train dispatcher, warned of the impending calamity, was evacuating. But just a few miles out, he remembered that a train was on its way in to Halifax, loaded with people. So he returned to his radio -- and his own certain death -- but he was able to head the train off and save all those lives.

This video also mentions the role of British Columbia in the Canadian navy in WWII...our beloved neighbors just to the north of Washington State, my own home. And that reminds me of a post my old Quora friend in Seattle just made...it's actually irrelevant to Canada but still interesting: His name is Lawrence Bloom, and he says the reason the Allies were able to prevail against Japan in the War of the Pacific is that all along America's West Coast, from San Diego to Seattle, there were shipyards so efficient at turning out destroyers and such that Japan could never cope.

Here is his link, if you wish to take a look! https://www.quora.com/How-did-the-United-States-win-the-war-in-the-Pacific/answer/Lawrence-Bloom-2?__filter__=all&__nsrc__=1&__sncid__=12105826281&__snid3__=17321875405