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The shipping Forecast...

Just listen to a couple of minutes..

I do understand it....

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Five hours of weather reports from Tuesday the first of August? SFA, I do hope you can get out to the cricket match or something...have you been on lockdown just way too long?

Me on the other hand. I am doing fine, fine, fine. I have a little bag of frozen cranberries from November 2019 for which I have busily collected oh maybe 30 potential Internet recipes to potentially make from them...

(I did learn from the first few moments that UK has a Portland! We here in USA, we have a Portland in Maine, and another just a whoop and holler south of me here in Oregon! So that was fascinating, [sigh]. :) )


It will be late June at the earliest before I can watch a cricket match......

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It's remarkable how the reader can keep from falling asleep as he reads. :D