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I'll do it, I'll do it!!!

SFA, I saw recently that in the first half of the 20th century, something like 44% of Americans were on farms -- or else rural, I kinda forgot which...anyway, there was definitely much community spirit during both of those terrible wars, so I am sure the USDA had lots of young takers for their pig war effort.

I cannot quite read the fine print, so I am not sure why raising pigs helped win the war? Do you know, was it like Victory Gardens, for food at home self-sufficiency so more could be sent overseas to help the soldiers?

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It was probably an effort to increase patriotism and pork production. More pork could then be canned and sent to the troops (known as Spam in WW2 and thereafter).

I think some of these posters might have aroused some amusement. :)