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Name Birth Death Marriage Their children
Date Spouse
Princess Bilqis Begum 17 April 1932(age 89) 1951 'Abdu'l Wali Khan Princess Humaira Begum
Princess Wana Begum
Princess Mayana Khanum
Crown Prince Muhammed Akbar Khan 4 August 1933 26 November 1942(aged 9)
Crown Prince Ahmad Shah Khan 23 September 1934(age 87) 1961 Khatul Begum Prince Muhammad Zahir Khan
Prince Muhammad Emel Khan
Princess Hawa Khanum
Princess Maryam Begum 2 November 1936(age 84)
Prince Muhammed Nadir Khan 21 May 1941(age 80) 6 February 1964 Lailuma Begum Prince Mustapha Zahir Khan
Prince Muhammad Daud Jan
Prince Shah Mahmoud Khan 15 November 1946 7 December 2002(aged 56) 18 April 1966 Safura Begum Princess Bilqis Khanum
Princess Ariane Khanum
Prince Muhammed Daoud Pashtunyar Khan 14 April 1949(age 72) 2 February 1973 Fatima Begum Prince Duran Daud Khan
Princess Noal Khanum
married Muhammad Ali, Prince of the Sa'id
Prince Mir Wais Khan 7 January 1957(age 64)

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He's already their great leader!



Nah, not any more... Biden pulled out.  :D

I feel so violated.  Alfred E. is my home boy and I was going to nominate him, but I see I was beaten to the button.  Good choice.  No worries:)

btw.....between one of my favorites, Rudyard Kipling and fact lies a man who would be king.  He was a Pennsylvania American Quaker named Josiah Harlan.  I could relay the story, but where would be the fun in that.  I'll just say he was the first American in Afghanistan.  I don't know if that makes him interesting....a king or anything else.  The story is compelling.