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Putin sent army to create order in Ukraine. Biden does not protect his allies in Ukraine.

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Hi Kninjanin,

I mainly follow Ukraine through my comrades on this site, SOLVED. I know they study and do whatever possible to suss out what is really going on...

...and here is a quote from a letter (e-mail) I just received yesterday, an online friend since 2011...he is passing on information from another of our old group from the ASK days of 2011...so for what it is worth, who knows for sure what is really going on...but, here is what my friends have dug up about Russia, in this war:

"...some of the reports coming out of Russia and Ukraine show that relatively few Russians seem to be behind the war. Sure, there will always be aggressive types, but the people are letting their thoughts be known, both in public demonstration, and on social media. Apparently, the fear of retribution is not as strong as it was during the bad old days of the USSR. 

"Kathryn posted an article this morning about a platoon of young Russian soldiers who were with the invading army. It hadn't been explained to them what was happening, and they apparently thought they were on some kind of exercise. When they realised that they were there to kill people, the whole platoon surrendered. These were no tough soldiers--they were just kids, and they wanted no part of a slaughter." 
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Maybe NATO thinks that direct involvement of NATO troops into Ukraine might give Russia a reason to invade other former Soviet states like Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania....?

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Yes, I have been following the war in Ukraine.

After much hesitation by Chancellor Scholz, Germany is sending 1000 Javelin anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine.

And a NATO rapid response force has been mobilized for the first time in history.


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Yes....I have an online friend- known to Tink too-who is a student in Kyiv.

We know she fled Kyiv on Friday but haven’t heard from her since.

Another acquaintance in Ukraine seems to have been war free in her area....

Absolute tragedy caused by a madman.

I dispute Putin sent in troops to create order....there was no disorder except where he created it in the east in 2014


Putin's idea of order would be more in line with Stalin's, or perhaps Ivan the Terrible's.

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I would like that war was avoided. Rivarly between the USA and Russia caused a war in Ukraine.