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I have Skype Lite on my phone but I rarely sign in. People I know rarely use Skype. I belive that scammers use Skype. Maybe, Skype should have feature where only users with your phine numkber should send you messages and call you. I use Telegram which has much groups and public channels where scammers can find Telegram users. Some scammers and weird users contacted me but I blocked them.
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I never have used Skype.

Maybe they should call it Tripe or Swipe. :ermm:

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Skype may have its share of scammers, but still some hardcore Skype users find it as a great platform for staying connected with friends and family around the world. It's better to avoid sharing personal information to strangers online in general/avoid replying to unknown messages.

Yes, I talk to my friends there but about twice a week I get someone wanting to chat and then asks for money! Seems to be rampant there!

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