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I sign in and it never shows for one.

Then when I click on Questions, I can see myself logged in but can't vote or answer.

Kind of odd!

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Doesn't clicking on "Click here to see the recent version of this page" at the upper right corner of the page help?

It does for me.

But yeah, the site has been kinda odd for months now.

Yes, that works here and there but not always!
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It has been for ages…simply logging in never works.

Clicking the recent version sometimes gets me here..or clicking unanswered.

And sometimes what I posted I can’t see….and if I edit something I can never see that!

And yes…having got here I am sometimes then logged out if attempting to do anything!

Anyway wanting to see if the site is still here is probably put off.
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I have problems with signing in.

Is this page not working?

Click here to see the recent version of this page