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Can't always sign in, have trouble making comments, and it sometimes logs me in with Dan or Tink.

Could be all the crap I'm taking but I don't think so.

Wrote to Dan about it also.

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It's been doing this for a long time.

I find it usually helps to click on "Click here to see the recent version of this page" below the "Search" box on the right.

Sometimes I have to click more than once before it works.
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No..not just you.

And I got logged out three times before I could answer this.

There are usually only five of us here …but it would be nice if we could just log in without problem.
Thank you! I thought after all the drugs they pumped into me that it was me.
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The observed behavior is attributable to the implementation of the LiteSpeed Cache plugin by the hosting provider of this site. This plugin is designed to enhance efficiency by caching web pages on their shared hosting, thereby reducing server resource consumption (although this site does not consume most resources). Despite disabling the cache feature, pages continue to be cached, which can occasionally lead to discrepancies in content delivery.

To address this issue without migrating to a dedicated server, a practical solution involves appending a unique query string, such as "?465465", to the end of each URL. This method forces the server to bypass the cache and retrieve the most current version of the page directly. For instance, modifying the URL "https://www.ihavesolved.com/56726/is-it-just-me-or-is-this-site-doing-some-odd-things" to "https://www.ihavesolved.com/56726/is-it-just-me-or-is-this-site-doing-some-odd-things?123" effectively clears the cache and loads the live page.

Furthermore, to streamline this process for users, a clickable link can be implemented that automatically appends this query string when accessed:- "Experiencing issues with this page, or is the content outdated? ⭐ Click here to access the most recent version of this page ⭐" An even more efficient approach would be to programmatically add a "?SomeNumberHere" query string to every page automatically, thereby ensuring real-time content delivery across the website. This proactive method would eliminate the need for manual intervention and guarantee an optimal user experience.

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I see that problem. Dan has an answer.

Is this page not working?

Click here to see the recent version of this page