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In my opinion, NO!  If "I Want To Hold Your Hand" were to be issued in 2016, it probably would remain at the bottom of the Billboard Top 100 list.  I could not see the youth today screaming at The Beatles and the movement of Beatlemania sweeping across the USA.  Also, remember there is no Ed Sullivan Show anymore.

The Beatles, in my opinion, belonged to a certain era and this group simply would not take today.  The Beatles are a legacy and they rightfully remain so, but this group would not have been accepted in today's times as they were back in 1964.

What is your opinion?

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I don´t thinks so since the music wouldn´t be so popular now as it was before. It´s a different type of music which was a lot more popular many years ago.
MidnightCowboy amberleechoo
I agree.

Wouldn't they be rather old (or worse) if they were discovered today?



Of course they would, they would be singing modern music and their voices would be modern, it's like Elvis his early stuff would sound weird today but he has the voice to sing anything....


Oh hell no.. not with lyrics like she loves you yeah yeah yeah, that even sounded lame back in the sixties.

,,!,,(>_<),,!,, Echooos
That's when they were good.

You'd be looking at 20th century music through the lens of a 21st century eye.  I'm biased to be sure.

There are many scenarios that could that could transpire.
a.) If they are made up of the original people they may have fleeting fame but not for their music. It would likely be that at least (at this post) two members have been dead for quite a while.
b.) If they are made of of younger modern people then a lot of it would be the circumstances of discovery. Many events transpired in the original discovery that had nothing to do with the Beatles per se.
c.) If it was divine or fateful that they exist in this time and be discovered then would it not be the same outcome? They certainly would be influenced by events in their lives that defined who they are and were. There would have to be a modern George Martin.
d.) The question is mute because we already know the answer. They are discovered daily and maybe hourly by younger generations at different times of their lives. USA reported on Dec 27, 2015 "Billboard reports that Come Together is Spotify's most-streamed Beatles song thus far, the Abbey Road classic landing in the top spot on both the U.S. and global Beatles lists."


I'm not sure. We are so inundated by so many types of music now that the market is saturated. The music now is overprocessed. A lot of the people of today do not have the talent of the members of the Beatles. The Beatles have a huge body of work that they wrote, arranged, and played the instruments for.

Younger generations still have found the Beatles despite new music being churned out constantly.

It might not just be a question on if they would be as popular but if people will still be listening to them in 100 years. I think they will.

So no they wouldnt be the same kind of popular but they ARE popular in that their music will last the test of time.

dragonfly46 dragonfly46
The non talent of the boy bands like One Direction have had no bearing on their immense popularity. Maybe The Beatles would be as popular. Not only were they the original boy band but they did have talent.

No. I'm sure if they modernized thier songs they could chart some of them, but the music scene is a lot tougher and more competitive than back in thier day. When they started, rock was realitively a new sound. Now day's, your successful if peaple even know who your band was 10 years from now.

Roy Munson