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How much do you use Facebook?

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Jan 9, 2016 in Internet by amberleechoo (19,060 points)


A lot
Pretty much
A little
Rarely use it
I don´t use Facebook

10 Answers

HeyCameron! Jan 9, 2016
Rarely use it

Very rarely. I have an account but I almost never use it. I've had the same profile pic for almost a year. -_-

amberleechoo HeyCameron! Jan 9, 2016
My sister use it very rarely and she have had the sam profile pic for 5-6 years now. She is 19 now.
MidnightCowboy Jan 9, 2016
I don´t use Facebook
I have no interest in Facebook.
amberleechoo Jan 9, 2016
Pretty much

Now I use it a little more 

Skunky Stinkerson Jan 9, 2016

i check it for a couple of minutes throughout the day. i don't stay on it continually for long periods of time.

Platinum Jan 9, 2016
A little

I use it for family and a couple of off shoots old school and where I grew up...

lucythetooth Jan 9, 2016
A lot

I help to admin several fan pages, so I'm on Facebook a lot.

HegeMarie Jan 11, 2016
I don´t use Facebook

Not at all.

I had an account years ago

David4004 Feb 13, 2016
Pretty much

Almost every day, merely to see what's going on, what new notifications I have, and/or post whatever's on my mind.  I rarely IM people on Facebook, though, unless they IM me first.

Kninjanin Feb 18, 2017
I don´t use Facebook

I deleted my Facebook accounts. There are too many trolls, spammers and uninteresting rude people.

TheOtherTink Feb 18, 2017

I don't use Facebook.

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