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When they are old enough to vote.


Any age is fine if their parents  are OK with it.

When she's old enough to need it.

Darkest Serenity
@ Gun  Make up when we were young wasn't about needing it , it was about making our Eyes pop! for eg

just enhancing what we have and Creating our own image , which is all part of growing up for a Girl :)
Darkest Serenity
@ Gun   lolz

When she start to get interested in it so no specific age even though it's not recommended to start when the kid is very young.

Darkest Serenity

I started wearing make up for Senior School , so I was 11 

My Girl has only just started wearing make up on a daily basis and She's 14 

I used to buy her Novelty make up sets but just for dress up or occasional make up wear 

I wore a lot more than her but She is really into her Black Eyeliner right now because her fave Band members wear heavy noticeable Guy liner.  

It's just a phase :)


As soon as she starts looking that ugly.....

Fuzzy Corona

Whenever they want to. Make up should be treated as a hobby, not some kind of sign of womanhood.