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On which websites do you listen music and radios?

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Dec 15, 2017 in Websites by Kninjanin (2,071 points)

5 Answers

Rooster Dec 15, 2017

To be honest? I generally don't listen to music from websites! I love my Bose Wave system! What a great sound it has!


TheOtherTink Dec 15, 2017

Like Rooster said. 

And I rarely stream radio broadcasts from websites either.

Marianne Dec 17, 2017

When I receive links or compare links (often YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.), I'll listen sometimes to music on known and less known websites, and, of course on several of our broadcasting channels.

Virginia Dec 19, 2017

Kninjanin, I used to listen to classical music on while I did my exercises, but then they upgraded their website and my old computer can no longer access it! I cannot get classical on my radio, so now I make do with National Public's okay...

ajmsituation Dec 27, 2017

Amazon Prime and Youtube.

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