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Most of us have had a site close down, what have been your experience...

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Tiger Paws
Only was on on Ask.

Tried Askaholics too many arguments
Angela Anthony
Ask.com was my original internet home.
Skunky Stinkerson
Sodahead closed without warning (i still miss it like crazy but i guess we gotta move on):

answerbag recently pulled a sodahead too (closed without warning)
I was on Ask.com for about four years before it dumped but I have already been blurtit about two years. This seem like a good site to enjoy.
dru tiger Rooster
Rooster, I thought you were on SH.
I was on Ask three different times using three different usernames. I kept leaving because I was being censured by the mods on there. I heard it was shutting down and made a new account just to say goodbye to everyone. Then I found most of my friends on Blurtit and now I'm finding many on this site.
i tired ask for about 3 hours sometime in late 2012.. the mods kept pissing me off so i left lol...

as for this site. its gaining attention from our fellow blurtiters. i've been seeing more coming here on a daily bases.
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
So far, I really like this site.
its a good site.. can't wait for it to grow and blossom, its fairly new but its got a good start. :D
Didge Ancient_Hippy
Did you persuade Fred Jenkins to come with you, Hippy?
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
He had no choice in the matter Didge. I told him that the girls here like to pole dance too.
Didge Ancient_Hippy
He's a wicked old devil. That'll get him in for sure.
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Old devil are kind words for Fred.
soda head  the rest i quit

I was on SodaHead for about two years when they shut us out.

Fuzzy Corona
Just Sodahead
I've only been on Ask.com which closed in June 2015. Went to Askaholics; was really turned off by the handful of members that took over the site. Had many answers pulled because they didn't "conform" to their format. Now on Blurtit and here.
Rooster Danae_Morgan
Welcome Danae !
Didge Danae_Morgan
I left Askaholics for the same reason.  Unpleasant trio who got away with dominating everything.
Only Sodhead for me. And I hadn´t even been there for a year.