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These "Hillary dumps" of damaging information have occurred just before New Year's, just before the Fourth of July, and now just before Labor Day. Of COURSE they were politically timed to have the least news impact, and of COURSE Comey is in the tank for Hillary, doing everything he can to cover her political posterior.


In responding in a memo to critics within the FBI about his timing, Comey said, "We don't play games. So we released it Friday. We are continuing to process more material and will release batches of documents as they are ready, no matter the day of the week,"

But that is PRECISELY what Comey did... play political games and favorites, in pretending that the timing was just by chance.

As Hillary said, "There should be no bank too big to fail and no individual too powerful to jail."  HAH!

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I think it was ! Comey has a lot more info on her that the public will never see or hear about. Wonder what his bank account looks like lately. $$$$$$ ???

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@ Hitman:  Highly suspicious, all right.  The Swiss banks are probably doing a land-office business in secret accounts.