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In July, FBI Director Comey listed Hillary's classified data violations in emails on her private server, but did not recommend prosecution. Nine days ago, he reopened the investigation, saying more Hillary emails had been found in connection with another case [Clinton aide Huma Abedin's sharing a laptop with Anthony Weiner]. Today [Sunday], Comey says he is not changing his July recommendation.

Is Comey a bumbling fool, or is there more to this story?

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That is hard to say. Analyses from the European side will be of interest to you, i.e. "villain or hero":

BBC: http://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2016-37827156

and as you speak German, here's an article of the "Spiegel" about FBI director Comey:


Le Point is referring to Comey "being partial" and the Figaro refers to Comey "going his own way" ...


@ Marianne:

Yes, thank you.  An even broader question is why can't the US government keep anything secret?

It makes one wonder at the incompetence at the highest levels.



I am afraid that this is a question, which should be asked to all governments and all countries. O.K., we might think first of hackers and Wikileaks, but leakages and rumours are as ancient as humanity, also without Internet.

Intrigues, lies, betrayals, crimes, and abuse exist since early humanity at all the levels, from the lowest to the highest levels, and the USA are no exception.

And the First Nations - who is asking about how they feel?


Well, intrigues and perversity at the top levels are not new, and they are unlikely to stop in the future, wherever you go. And that impairs discretion and secrecy at the highest levels.

Well, congratulations on your new president.



@ Marianne:

Yes, but in the old days, espionage was much more difficult.  One had to get access to paper files and steal or copy them somehow.

Nowadays, all you need is a memory stick, and you can copy hundreds of thousands of documents onto an easily concealed device.  :(

I hope Trump works out for the best.  I didn't vote for either of them, because in my ultra-Blue state, my vote for President did not matter.

And I wish the senior LePen had used other words than "Today the United States, tomorrow France." He must have known exactly what he was paraphrasing.   :O



It might be easier today, with all the sophisticated computer and Internet technologies, if comparing to old times, when espionage was a very hazardous "business" for extremely skilled and smart people and/or professional killers.

As to Le Pen, he was extremely controversial and said to be also anti-American:


and his own daughter, Marine, expelled him from his party. But now, you can watch out for Marine Le Pen!

I hope the very best for you and your kins. 


Thank you, Marianne.  I hope so too.  <3 :)



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I think a "clown" is too mild a term to use for that bonehead. Sorry state of affairs to have a F.B.I. director like him. Bet he has a nice bank account now with all the pay offs ! 


@ Hitman:

In Panama, perhaps?  Oh, wait, no... Wikileaks already exposed all the crooked pols with accounts there.  :D