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"At one point, Pence mentioned 9/11 and Kaine interrupted to excitedly announce, "I was there, too, by the Pentagon!" When he wasn't interrupting, he was steamrolling through prepared paragraphs of alliterative dad jokes and scripted zingers that might have been effective -- if they weren't delivered at warp speed. And he was so wedded to his anti-Trump mandate, he often seemed oblivious. In an answer to a question about the children of Syria -- let me repeat, the CHILDREN OF SYRIA -- his response was to point out that Trump didn't pay his taxes."

Kaine came across like a rude child, hyperactive not because of too much candy, but because of too many over-rehearsed mindless talking points.



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From the little I saw ? It was another mud slinging joke !  When whomever wins? Who are they going to gripe at then? Us ? What a joke.


Yes, but Pence at least kept his cool and wasn't thrown off stride by Kaine's nonsense.

Too bad Pence isn't at the top of the ticket.  He would be slaughtering crooked Hillary in the polls.


I agree with that ! Think he might make a better President !