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On one extreme, it is not to be seen or, when seen, it is meant to be embarrassing, offensive, giggled and laughed at, etc.  On the other extreme, it is only shown in s*x*al or degrading ways and meant for s*x*al pleasure or whatever.  Why can't there be a middle ground, where it is shown as a normal thing...not for giggles, not for embarrassment, and not for s*x?

What I'm referring to is (as you may have already guessed) n*d*ty.  Even in shower videos online, it goes from one extreme to the other and never reaches the middle ground.  Search for any shower or bath routines online and they will usually lean on the one extreme where non-s*x*al n*d*ty is hidden from view, as if it was too dirty and obscene to be seen (I will not say that three times fast).  Then, there are those that usually go to the other extreme where it will often be s*x*al or at least er*t*c and enticing...most often on adult sites.

I wonder when...or even IF...the day will come where we'll have a middle ground in this topic.  While I'd like that day to come, I doubt it will be in my lifetime.  There's just not enough people comfortable with this kind of thing compared to those who are strongly against it and very uncomfortable with it.  And, unless that changes (fat chance, right?), there's no chance for that day to come at all.

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Sadly enough, extremism seems to prevail in most domains, namely regarding propaganda and beliefs. Maybe that it is in the human nature to embellish, belittle, blacken, overstate or underestimate things.

And for many, the "golden middle" is boring, lacking phantasy.

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