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In late Winter...say early to mid March...many people say things like this:

"Well, it's almost Spring, so it should be warming up now."  Keep in mind that, at that point, it's still, technically, WINTER.

BUT...in late Summer...in early to mid September...many people say things like this:

"Well, it's still, technically, Summer, so it should still be warm."

How come they don't say, "Well, it's almost Autumn, so it should be cooling off now."?  Why do they do that when it's almost Spring, but not when it's almost Autumn?

Oh, yeah...I forgot...they want warm weather all year-round, so they try to rush the warmth late in Winter and keep hold of it as long as possible.  In other words, they're one-sided.  Now, not everybody does this, but it seems the vast majority of people do this.  And, I think this paragraph may have answered my own question.

You know, it's funny...they want warm weather year-round, but they don't want to move to where it is warm year-round.  Instead, they want it up North where year-round warmth is not normal.  But, if I call them out on that, then they get defensive and tell me to move to where it's cold year-round.  BUT...what they fail to understand is I don't want it cold all the time...only when it's supposed to be cold to maybe a month in either direction.  I may hate Summer's heat and humidity, but we have to have some of it for the growing season.  We need FOUR seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter), not just one (Summer only).

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I try to take each day as it comes.  Sure, I like balmy weather better than extremes of any kind, but it's the extremes that make me appreciate the nice weather all the more. And I do love the seasons.

"O Wind, If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?" — Percy Bysshe Shelley

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May I, additionally, cite :
Image result for autumn is a second spring albert camus

("L'automne est un deuxième ressort où chaque feuille est une fleur." - Albert Camus)


Fall is the spring of winter - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec


Technically, shortening winter and prolonging summer reminds of the more optimistic idea about the "half full glass to give the midseasons a brighter look, a long spring and a long summer to face more easily the melancholy of autumn and the harshness of winter.

But many forget that the autumn, besides dull, rainy and misty days, is also the season of colours, of the Indian summer, of harvesting, of celebrating seasonal events and of preparing for Christmas.

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Maybe it's because they don't want it to get cold.


Even when it's supposed to be cold?