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"The elites of the East and West coasts, betraying a dangerous arrogance, were dismissive and ignorant to the last of the heartland anger feeding Trump’s rise."


Too little, too late, esteemed editors. Even at 8 p.m., NY time, on Election Day, your minute-by-minute predictions blog was predicting Hillary by over 80 percent.


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The anger and "being fed up" of the populations and masses from the middle and lower working classes after long years of crises, "flight forward", unemployment, wasting, dumping and disasters seem indeed to have led to this "surprising" outcome - but why am I not surprised?

And I heard several times that America is not ready for a female president ...

There have been series of debates and analyses in several channels, and they all spoke of a shock wave.

Here, Didier Burkhalter seems to be serene - not enthusiastic, but realistic. Many politicians are not happy, of course - some worry, some are disappointed, others think that it is an opportunity, etc. You will probably ask about Blocher's reaction:



I don't think America isn't ready for a female President.  I think Condoleezza Rice, could have beaten any Democrat, had she chosen to run, and had she been the Republican candidate. The problem with Hillary was not her gender, but her dishonesty and close connection to the Establishment.

What is ironic is that New York state, one of the most liberal of "blue" states, would be reduced to poverty without Wall Street, yet the liberal hypocrites in charge there rail against it.

And yes, Europe's leaders would do well to listen to Blocher, but they might be as blind as Hillary. Her "deplorables" characterization of Trump supporters might well have cost her the election, a phrase on par with Marie Antoinette's "let them eat cake," although with somewhat less drastic consequences.  :D


Well, that's what has been repeated in many political and other circles.

Personally, I would not put her on the same level as Marie Antoinette:




And looking at certain gender based problems with humour:


T(h)ink, I might lack respect, but I couldn't help laughing about a cartoon involving the Statue of Liberty and a certain wandering hand - lol. I wouldn't want to cause a scandal .... :O:angel::D


Lol, no, I was not directly comparing Hillary with Marie Antoinette as people, just Hillary's "deplorables" comment with the apocryphal "cake" comment.  There is nothing apocryphal about Hillary's comment, however... it's on YouTube... as is her tone-deafness.  :ermm:


Lol - that was indeed very different. Yes, that was gross, if I can say so - well, after all these insults from many sides, it is not surprising.

And I read (heard) much worse obscenities from certain hate and violence mongering propaganda, mostly far right and xenophobe activists or groups (also here, in Europe, and even with workers who are crossing the border). And on your side, there has been far too much mud slinging (oh, Europe is starting to catch up with slurs).

And I just heard again about the German roots of your new president:



Lol, Kallstadt is near Heidelberg.  :)


That is why I thought that you would be interested; and Heidelberg is at a distance of 224.7 km from Nuremberg.



My grandmother always used to laugh when she heard Henry Kissinger speaking English on American TV. She said she could tell from the way he pronounced ENGLISH that he was from Nuremberg. (actually Fuerth, but close enough) :D :D

Oh, and I forgot to comment on the Statue of Liberty cartoon. Is that the one where she is being groped by Bill Clinton?  I've seen that one.  :O :D


Lol - I can imagine that. I heard often enough how French, Italian and even German were "massacrated", but I suppose that I would massacrate a "new" language too - when learning them, at least as a beginner.


I am afraid that this time, it is Donald Trump, as seen by Chappatte:


Image result for chappatte trump


I just had a rather slippery thought - oh, how shocking - about the Queen in England and the farting horse ... :D:D


It's strange about second languages.  Some people can become very fluent or even eloquent in them, but still have a very pronounced accent, like Kissinger.

Lol, it turns out I was thinking of this Fasching float in Duesseldorf:


There have been Trump cartoons here too.  :D




Lol - too funny - :D:D.