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Click on Questions at the top of any page.

Skip Skip Ancient_Hippy

Hi Hippy :) 

Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy

Hi Skip.


Usually the most recent are on the top of the list. But they move around when people answer them. Many of the older ones have dates on them to see.

Skip Skip Rooster

Ok Thanks Rooster. I'm seeing a lot of older ones. And a lot asked and answered by that certain someone. 

Rooster Rooster

Yes, those are older ones. Please forgive my son (Hitman) for all the cussing he threw at that fool. Worse temper than mine.


Late again - lol.

Yes, sometimes, a bunch of questions asked within a short time span appears, and some go unnoticed or forgotten, or answers come late.

Besides "Questions" on the left, there is "Hot", there are "Unanswered" ones, there are "Tags" and there are "Categories".


If they're from Midnight Plowboy ? Don't worry as he answers himself !