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Sorry, I could not find out how to meet with the requirement:

Complete your profile information ...

It might be the avatar; I have been using one of my own pictures.

As for drawings, I'll have to wait for about a week for further installations, including a drawing system.

Thank you for your technical support.

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I'm not sure if you intended to ask this as a question, but it's interesting just the same.

For me, sites like this become much more fascinating if people DO actually say a little bit about themselves and, in general terms, where they're from. It allows us to get a picture of the person we're talking to.
Marianne Didge
Thank you, Didge; actually, I have been "tinkering around", like a perfect beginner - lol.
I was yelling for help and used the wrong thread.

Since, I found some answers - lol.

By the way, I am Swiss ...
Didge Didge
So is Pia Cramling. Swiss, I mean. A lovely lady and one of the finest female chess players on the planet. Have you heard of her?
Marianne Didge
Sorry, Didge, Pia Cramling is from Sweden, not from Switzerland.


Wishing you a wonderful start into 2016 with a smile - and it is already Saturday morning on your side.

Didge Didge
Dang! Sorry about that. But thanks for the nice sunshine. :)
Marianne Didge