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Good day, I sent this mail 2 days ago, but you did not reply me...hence am sending  it again. Can you Please help me confirm if you can handle this?. 
Sorry my name is  DR. SAMUEL- A Veterinary Doctor working with one of the  Animal hospitals  here in Accra.  I  am  originally  from  Antigua and Barbuda  (Caribbean), but I work here in this country since 2015.
In 2015 there was a Canine Parvovirus Infection in Dogs / pets that was eradicating Pets / Dogs in the country. The infection is a highly contagious viral illness that affects dogs, causing them  severe vomiting, loss of appetite and bloody, foul-smelling diarrhea that can lead to life-threatening dehydration. Lots of Dog Deaths were recorded.
My Late Boss who was a Pakistan Veterinary, He was the person who brought me here in 2015 won the contract to supply  the Parvovirus Vaccine called VANGUARD PLUS CPV to the Ghana Veterinary Services Department under Ministry of Food & Agriculture. The Sample products was tested and approved and supplied was made.
Before Delivery 40% of the contract Value was paid to my boss with the agreement that the balance will be paid after supply.. But just after supply was completed my boss became sick and flew to India for medical treatment where he died.(May His Soul rest in Peace)
I dont know what to do now because from the recent email I received on our office email address 4 days ago, they (Ghana Veterinary Services Department) are ready to pay the balance of the money and needs just a confirmation / approval from my Boss to remit.
Honestly, If they pay this balance to my Boss Account in Pakistan, No body will ever have access to that fund any more.. because that is the Account they knew, They are not aware he died.
To be honest, I do not have an account overseas that can accomodate such Huge fund, The only Uncle I have back in Antigua is a very greedy person, if I involve him in this transaction, He will cheat me or threaten to expose me if his greedy demand is not met.. Thats why I am contacting you to work with me lets see how we can secure this payment..before its too late.. The contract has long been completed.. Goods delivered and used.
I will be glad to leave this country back to Antigua immediately if I succeed on this transaction so that I can set up my own Animal Clinic in Antigua.
I will not leave you unrewarded..We can discuss terms if you wish.
If you have or use skype, I think it will be a good idea if we chat and even do a video call on skype  to discuss better.
I know its not safe to trust a total stranger, but considering the fact that it was a total stranger who also brought me to this country and help me, So I have learn to trust people..
I will explain better  if you convince me you can be trusted.. 

Pet-Mats  Veterinary Clinic
Road 1, Shai-Osudoku District - Dodowa,
Box 43 Osudoku, Accra Ghana

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No, I never got that one, but it does give good advice:

"I know its not safe to trust a total stranger..."

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No, I haven't seen that one but have seen similar ones in the past. Just another scam! They keep trying but people are wising up to this stuff. Usually it's all about sending someone money for nothing. I just delete anything like that without bothering to read them as many have malware links in them.


I was receiving the messages from the fake refugees from Senegal.


@ Rooster and Goranko:

I once got a marriage proposal from a "rich young widow" living someplace in West Africa. All I had to do was send her my bank account number so she could deposit her money with me for "safekeeping," until we could get married so that she could enter the United States. She said proxy marriages were possible in her country, so I didn't have to go there in person.

I should have asked her if same-sex marriages were possible in her country.  :D :D :D

Many people claim that they love you and want to scam you.
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Most of these requests are fraud attempts and only few are from people who really need help. Most of us receive various scams and SOS letters. Besides aggressive advertisement for "miracle" or "exclusive" products, pharmaceutics, gadgets, etc., lottery and gambling proposals, dating and "emergency" situations, there are urgent requests from friends lost without money and identity papers in some far away airport, etc.

Ask your local or national cyberpolice, check with official services and, if needed, ask and inform the known international organisations, who might be concerned.

For veterinarians, for instance, there's Vets Beyond Borders:


and the WWF, or PETA,

for human medicine, Doctors Without Borders:


and the Red Cross, i.e. CICR, of course.

Oh, and this might be interesting to read: