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Are you satisfied with quality of the social networks, your online friends and followers, privacy and security of the social networks?


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I am satisfied with Ello, Twitter, Hubski, Tumblr, CornerHub, Toptopic and Boardest. There are many interesting prople, but there are many bad people, trolls and scammers.

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I don't use them as much as the old man does but I do come here now and then and Amirite once in a while. Online friends? I've made some but I don't push it. Just get my ass in trouble!

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I really only use one site and I suppose you could say I have a large following on there but really they're all my friends and it's just a fraction of the friends I had on Sodahead

Privacy has only been an issue because our messages on our profile pages are NOT Private by default , has left a few members blushing I can tell you but I'm very discreet. 

Now I post a standard greeting to every new member that explains how to make their messages PRIVATE.

Saves the blushes.

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