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You can search categories or enter in a search box key words. If you want to contact users, post on their walls.


It's pretty easy Walter. Just click on any of the boxes above, especially Questions and categories. Super easy site to use. Not many users all the time but it's peaceful here compared to some sites. Click the little box on the upper right of an answer to vote for it if you wish. You can click on someone's profile picture and you'll see a star in the upper right corner and if you click on that? You'll be following that person also. Don't hesitate to ax if you have any questions as most of the people here have been here a while.


Like Goranko and Rooster said.  :)


Yeah, like they said. Pretty damn easy site to use.


First of all, welcome to this site! 

I can only confirm the answers and add that you can ask also Dan.



  1. I'm new here too.  used to be on sodahead and then they cut it off abruptly. My theory is let the people come to you because it will make better friendships. I wouldn't go all willy-nilly and post on every single person's wall