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Keeping Secrets

Doug was leaving church after Christmas services when Father McCarthy took him aside.

"Douglas, my son," he said, "it’s time you joined the Army of the Lord. We need to see you every Sunday."

"I’m already in the Army of the Lord, Father," Doug replied.

"Then why do we only see you on Christmas and Easter?"

Doug looked to the right and to the left, and then leaned over to whisper in Father McCarthy’s ear.

"I’m in the Secret Service."

Link: http://www.rd.com/jokes/religion/

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Thank you Marianne! Always nice to start the day with a smile! :D


You're very welcome, Rooster - lol. :)

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I use to keep the secrets as secrets but only the people whom I tell the secrets won't keep them as secret :D


Pssst...Dan... don't worry, I won't tell any of your secrets.  :angel: :D



Me neither - lol. :)

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Wait a minute, Marianne!

Why is it ok to tell jokes about Irish Catholics, but you have walk on eggs about telling jokes about many other ethnic groups?!  I'm shocked, SHOCKED! :O :O :O



Lol - I know; most of the European nationalities are being joked about, whether Irish, Scottish, French, British, Germans, Iberians, Greeks, Polish, Finnish, Danish, etc., and the blond jokes are not really funny, but there is a big difference between kidding a bit, and aggressive insults or offending discriminations.

But most jokes in English are about Irish, Scottish, British, Australian, US, Canadian and some other countries with English as official language - lol.

Yes, we are walking on eggshells! :O:angel::D

Sick-minded, violent extremist groups and their hate preachers should be systematically prosecuted.


Yes, you are right, Marianne.  :)


Lol - thank you, T(h)ink.