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tiger 2 votes, 25%
shark 2 votes, 25%
chrocodile 0 votes
lion 1 vote, 13%
rhino 0 votes
snake 0 votes
bear 1 vote, 13%
leopard 0 votes
tarantula spider 1 vote, 13%
wolf 0 votes
Other 1 vote, 13%

9 Answers

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I'd have to nominate the  crocodile. Scary. One  bite and no more Didge.

I've swum with sharks often enough not to worry about them although if they're having a bad time with Mrs Shark they could get a bit snaky. Snaky? Nah, that's eels...
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tarantula spider, by

Definitely the tarantula spider, have seen one in Thailand and it was enormous, it took me the whole day to recover after seeing it.  Major phobia!

+8 votes
bear, by

A bear would be the one I would most likely run into around here.

Oh he's so furry ,just wanna give him a Big hug
"The Revenant"
@ MC   was it worth seeing  ?
+5 votes
shark, by

I like sharks though, they are fascinating. I know there was someone in my class before who was that scared of sharks that she couldn´t even see a pic of one.

+7 votes
Having observed my cat closely when he "plays", I sure as hell wouldn't want to be around him if he weighed 500 pounds.

+4 votes
tiger, by
+3 votes
Other, by
All of them, they can all kill me ....
+2 votes
shark, by

+1 vote
lion, by

Lions are vicious.

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