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A few months age, I joined to Gab. I thought that it was a good social network. I started seeing that users insult each other. A hguy from the USA insulted a Syrian girl without a reason. I saw a lot of political posts against some world leaders and countries. Today, a Trump troll insulted me without a reason. I deleted my Gab account.


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Hi Kninjanin,

I think about the Internet quite a lot over the years since social media became popular, and I found your link about GAB quite interesting...I was amazed.

As for the online insult, for me I think the answer to your Q is yes, kinda-sorta. 

One person on Blurt took a dislike to me (and a few other people); but because the moderation was strong, she could not insult me directly. So what she seemed to do was to talk behind my back to OTHER people, doing her best to alienate them...Blurtit is a rather small site, and she did succeed, somewhat...and for a long time I did not even know what was going on.

Even after I found out I stuck it out for a while, but then they threw out the old moderators and that is when I just left the site, for good. I don't want to participate in Internet drama, it's not what I come here for.

* * *

Regarding freedom of speech, there was a wonderful Canadian pianist, his name was Glen Gould (1932-1952); I love to listen to his music, and I wrote down something he once said:

"So far as I can see, freedom of speech most often has to do with socially sanctioned verbal aggression.”

Interesting question, Kninjanin, thank you.

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Yes, but there is an impish streak in me that has always made them wish they hadn't.  :angel: :D



Oh Tink! LOL...I came here to see Synsyster's post...and found this...delightful to see it again...almost makes me want to try Am-rite just to watch (and take delight in) some of those proceedings...


:D :D :D

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You did very well to delete this account; the info about this site is very controversed and not really positive, and even if owners and administrators try to "arrange things", the reputation of "Gab" has been badly damaged.



Yes, being insulted occurs to everybody, and many are exposed to bullying, harassment, threats, stalking and dangerous attacks - in real life and "virtually", but the most harm is caused on-line, as cybercrime, such as propaganda (i.e. used for spreading lies, indoctrinating, discriminating, misleading, agitating, radicalising people), hate-mongering, criminality and terrorism, can spread violence fast and worldwide, wrecking whole regions, population groups (classes, genders, cultural groups, ethnics, etc.), or entire nations:





(If somebody is bullying you, collect evidence and inform your Internet provider and the authorities in charge of cyber-supervision and control):



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I don't belong to any real social media site as I've given up on most of that stuff now and am too busy. Last insult I got was on that wicked site:Similar Worlds when someone started telling me that John Wayne was a homosexual. Why she started on me? I really have no idea but to insinuate that my idol was a homosexual was like sacrilege to me and I soon left that site for all the insults and pure trash. I also know quite well what Virginia is talking about with blurtit as I was one of those Mods. I left A m i rite because someone insulted my Vietnam service. It seems that with the exception of this site and the gaming Forums I work on, that insults are the norm now. I just have no time or patience for rude people who hide behind a screen and insult others.

No social media for me in any way, shape or form. I'll pass.

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I was also insulted on Facebook without a reason a year ago. I saw that many Facebook users like to insult. I deleted my Facebook account 11 months ago.


I also deleted my own FB a couple of years back, Kninjanin...just too much drama there, not to mention the hacking that seems to be always going on.

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Yes, some people ask questions looking for everyone to agree with them and not out of interest, if you disagree you get called insulting personal names, that happened to me, all very childish I'm afraid.


They are everywhere on internet.

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People have tried to insult me but i just laugh at them, it catches them off guard