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Dear Friends,

Some or many among us might have experienced problems with error messages or log in failures during the past week.

Here's Dan's info - all is o.k. on his side: :)


From your message I can understand that there are 2 different problems on the site, right?

1) Members can't log in.
2) Can't 'comment' on answers (but can the members 'answer' the questions without any problem?)

Recently, I moved the website to 'cloudflare'.
CloudFlare helps to load the website faster. It has "caching" as one of its options.
When caching is enabled, the website loads faster but recent changes takes some time to reflect.
I guess it might be caused the error.

1) Fixing Login Issue When I entered the website after a while, it asked me to log in. I forgot the password. So, I clicked on "Forgot the password" link. It asked me to enter either the "username" or "Email".
I entered the Email ID registered on this site. It sends me a link to my Email.
I clicked the link on the Email. It took me to the "Resend Password page", there was a link to Send new password. I clicked it and got a new password.
I used it to log in.

2: I will check the other issue with my account and reply you soon.

The monsoon floods are in Gujarat and I live in South India. Thanks for asking :)

So, no need to worry or to blame your computer, yourself or your tech support:

image  image image

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Odd, as it's only gave me an error message once last week and hour or so later, it logged me right in. Sometimes it was really slow when you answered or commented but seems to have improved lately.

Thanks for keeping us all informed Marianne. You're a peach!  :) 

Oh - thank you, Rooster - and you're welcome; actually, I had the error message problem for more than a day - it was between Monday, later afternoon and Wednesday. On Tuesday, I was off the whole afternoon.

According to what Virginia and Ladyhorse could tell (perhaps partially, with their log-in or connection problems), they could look into what was going on, but they could not comment or ask questions for a certain time, but at least, they could PM and use the direct chat. Luckily, I could contact T(h)ink over another link. And now, Dan is back, and I thought that it would be useful to transmit his information.

I configured 'CloudFlare' for the website and it improves the speed. Here is the video about how 'CloudFlare' works.
and now this site has enabled GZIP Compression

Thank you, Dan.


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I have no problems.