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Having a matching one made of my beloved WW2 plane also. Think it would look OK?


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Cool but expensive...I'd rather have one of my horses if I could afford that. "The Red Baron" is a name I used in a show for a sorrel horse I was riding when I broke a three state record jumping. Remembering that brought tears to my eyes...he was my first and died a violent death. This would be a hard decision...I'm not good at making choices. Maybe I'd rather have my Appaloosa. I was riding him in the parade. I lost most pictures in a fire but his papers survived...go figure. That's why I wanted to find the video of the parade. He was a grandson of Secretariat. 

I dunno now, this day & age I'd be concerned about vandalism (breakage, not theft) and now I feel entrapment because I could not resist answering this after I saw "The Red Baron". Sniff. 


I'm sorry to hear that Ladyhorse.

As far as theft? My new house is out by the river at Sailor Bar and out in the sticks. No one would see them as they'll be in the back bedroom. 

Expensive? Yes but I sold my two WW2 airplanes and have plenty to go around right now. Paying cash for my new house also.

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I would say YES, by all means! You love the planes but do not fly any more, this is a wonderful way to enjoy and appreciate what you love. Plus, the likeness is good; I recognized him before I even saw his name down below. 

Age after sixty is the best time of our lives, but in a different way from our youth; go for it!

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Well, to my thinking, good depictions of human beings in stained glass are problematic, unless done by an outstanding master of the art, so if I were having such a window made, I think I would go with just the planes.

But that's just me. I think you should go with what inspires you. 

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