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What seems to be the problem or is it just me? 

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No Hitman it is not just you...some time ago, Dan did some upgrading to the site, I think it's called CloudFlare. However, my computer is outdated and after that I was unable to access the site for more than fifteen minutes at a time, and even that I could only do once or twice a day.

So Dan did some research and fixed the site (something called m_security) so that I no longer have any difficulty at all, everything works perfectly for my old Apple laptop. But just after that, other people began mentioning the kind of situation you describe.

I don't know if they ever found a workaround or not, I hope they did, they will tell you when they find your post....


I'll try to fix it.

Rooster Dan

@ Dan : It does that with me also. No big deal but that might be why some of our names appear so many times while we're here. From logging on so much.

Rooster Dan

@Dan : Looks like you did something as I only had to log in once this morning. Good job!