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The little circle spins and spins for a very long time, until finally the ads pop in to place, and then I can use the site. However, as soon as I try to post something or go to another question, it is the same thing all over again, spinning for a very long time, then the ads come in, and FINALLY I can use the site again.

I know that you get income from the ads, so I wonder if there is a way to make the ads "lighter" somehow? So they do not require so much RAM? 

I know of one other person on here who is also having trouble, although her problem may be a little different from mine - perhaps a slow Internet connection. Actually, I am in a rural area and my connection is slow also.

However, my difficulties are only recent. 

I am not sure I have understood the problem correctly because I am not an expert, but we thought this might be worth mentioning to you?

Thank you...

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Virginia Dan

Dan, my computer is quite old...so the adblocker does not work like it should. I already have it on!

Dan Dan

What browser are you using? Adblocker will work even in old PCs.

Virginia Dan

Dan, I would have to go into my computer to find the answer to that...what I always do is take my computer to the Apple Store, and they actually do it for me. 

And now, I must drive for an hour to get to the Apple Store for them to help me, so it is very difficult. I am 72 years old, and such things are not easy for me.

Perhaps there is nothing you can do, and that may mean I cannot use this site any more...but I just wanted you to know that two of us are having trouble.

And so if I leave, it is because I am having trouble with loading everything, because I like your site and the people here very much.

Dan Dan

I can help you, you don't have to go to the Apple store. If you can run Chrome on your PC, then you can run adblocker too. Just tell me what browser are you using. Then I can tell you the next step.

Virginia Dan

Thank you Dan, but I do not have a PC...it is an old Apple, with a Safari browser, and I don't want to try installing Chrome on it. I count on it a great deal, and don't want to take a chance of crashing it. 

The Apple store did install adblock, but for some reason the ads still show, and just recently your site got very slow.

Dan Dan

So there were no ads before on your safari browser, it just started appearing now? I will post the method for, "how to reinstall Adblock on your safari" shortly.

Virginia Dan

Dan, there have always been ads showing on SOLVED, but only recently have they caused the site to load so slowly. 

I don't want to take any chances with my old computer, so I will just keep going here as long as I can. I probably won't come as often as I have been, because it just takes so much time, but I will come as long as I can until the ads make it so I cannot load the site at all.

That has happened with other sites, such as newspapers, that I use for reference; they increase the ads, and then I can no longer use the site.

But thank you very much for all your willingness to help...I just don't want to take any chances on crashing my computer, because I count on it so much.


Virginia, a question:

Does your little circle spin on other sites too, and are there hours, at which your computer is particularly slow?

Furthermore, I might ask a silly question: there seems to be a problem with Javascript - but I don't remember if it should be replaced or "adapted".


Virginia Marianne

Hi Marianne, there are some sites I cannot load at all...the little circle spins forever. And there are some sites I could load as recently as a few weeks ago, and now cannot. I am guessing the cause is that the sites have added so many heavy-RAM ads, because most computers have lots of RAM now...mine only 2 gb.

I don't really know anything about JavaScript...what I will do, when I can get to it, is drive to the Apple Store that is about ninety minutes from me...am hesitating because the traffic is gridlock on this route. Dan has suggested adblock, which is a great idea, and maybe the Apple Store can update my adblock, because I don't want to try it myself.

And no, I have not noticed any special slow hours in the day. But SOLVED has gotten very slow for me recently, so I wanted to alert Dan just in case he can think of something...actually, I corresponded with the administrator of another site, and she suggested a way to delete cookies! So I did that, and now I will see if I have better luck with SOLVED...

Whew, there is always something going on with computers!

But thank you, I appreciate all the brainstorming anyone can give me...

Dan Marianne

I can compress the codes used on this website, which will increase the speed to just few milliseconds faster. But there are many files and I'm just lazy to do it at the moment.

Virginia Marianne

Dan, compressing the files may not be necessary, thank you...I talked with someone who suggested deleting all the cookies from my computer. I did that, and so far SOLVED does seem to load better.

Also, I am looking at the adblock site to see if I might feel safe with downloading it myself. So far I am still hesitating, because the site does not seem to specify whether it will work with my old Safari browser. But, eventually I will take it to the Apple Store, and see about updating the adblock.

Marianne Marianne

Yes, I think that "cleaning" your computer from unnecessary cookies and other space wasting, unwanted stuff is an excellent idea. And I am also going to the store in case of specific adds.


You may be able to set your browser to automatically delete cookies and history to save space.

Virginia TheOtherTink

O'Tink, I have learned that I can indeed do that...ty

Rooster TheOtherTink

Another good and free tool is CCleaner. They have a paid version but the free one is better. One click and it cleans all history, cookies and cache. It will work on your browser also as I checked. Could be part of the problem. Too much junk piling up. Your browser may have an automatic cleanup when you close it but it never gets them all. CCleaner will.

CCleaner for Mac - Piriform

Virginia TheOtherTink

I did download the CCCleaner Rooster, thank you!