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Raining and floods in Texas and totally dry heat out here. Sure looks like climate change to me.

Hottest Summer here that I can ever remember.

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It's been cool in the Northeast No local warming here this summer. :D


@Tink: Must be Trump's fault! :D


@ Rooster,

Naah, the Texas floods and the CA heat wave are Trump's fault.

NY is cool because of all the solar panels and windmills.  :D

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Actually, since yesterday, we are having rain and cool temperatures, which are expected to last for about a week or so. But we had at least three heat waves since last June.

Quite a few fruit, crop and/or vegetable harvests started much earlier than usually, like the grape harvest, which is about 3 weeks ahead.

The Indian Summer (or "gossamer") is a North American term for an unusually warm, sunny period after the summer season.


Here in Europe, the term "Indian Summer" has been borrowed from your side. Some might remember a successful song from the seventies, "L'été indien" (The Indian Summer):

Here's an English version:

About the song: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%27%C3%89t%C3%A9_indien