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I found a oerson Juliet Mark on Tango?

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Oct 19, 2017 in Internet by Kninjanin (3,583 points)

I found Juliet Mark on Tango Messenger and find her on WhatsApp. He wants a relationship. He claims that she is from Scotland and that lives in Nigeria. I found that her phone number is Nigerian. I downloded her photos and google cannot find them. I wrote me that she uses only Tango and WhatsApp. I don't know how to check if she tells the truth.

5 Answers

TheOtherTink Oct 19, 2017

I don't know if it is the same Juliet Mark, but someone using that name seems to be well-known for fake profiles in quite a number of countries, including Nigeria.;wap2

Kninjanin TheOtherTink Oct 19, 2017

I am sure that she is a fraudster.

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink Oct 19, 2017

I think there is no doubt, particularly since she asked you for money.

Kninjanin Oct 19, 2017

She wanted money and I blocked her. It is a scam.

Kninjanin Kninjanin Oct 20, 2017

Her Tango account is deleted. I wrote a comment: You are a scammer on her profile.

Marianne Oct 19, 2017
Rooster Oct 19, 2017

I've seen that name before also and one that matches the same profile and her name was Olivia Cool. Both claimed to be from Scotland but living in Nigeria. I wasn't all that busy one day and did some research and found the names on an FBI list for fraud. It's a shame people try these tricks to try and rip you off but I've learned a lot since I had an identity theft through phishing. I'll never answer anything from anyone unless I know them or they already know something about me. Seems like Nigeria is the main place these scams come from.

TheOtherTink Rooster Oct 19, 2017

@ Rooster,

On another website, a Nigerian "God-fearing university student" wanted very much to be my friend. I said sure we could be friends, but that a university student should really be spending his time with real-life friends at school. Didn't hear much from him after that, and he never got around to asking for money. :D

Marianne Rooster Oct 19, 2017

Lol - that looks much like the so-called Nigerian Connection - actually, it was not so funny for those whose identity was misused.

On our side, we had a lot of extra work, and that was quite a while ago. 

Virginia Oct 19, 2017

Hi Kninjanin, some time ago, one of my friends was getting those kinds of messages. He would just reply that he wanted to marry them, but he had no money...that usually took care of it...

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