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A police officer, though scheduled for all-night duty at the station, was relieved of duty early and arrived home four hours ahead of schedule, at 2 in the morning.

Not wanting to wake his wife, he undressed in the dark, crept into the bedroom and started to climb into bed.

Just then, his wife "sleepily" sat up and said, "Honey, would you go down to the all-night drug store on the next block and get me some aspirin? I've got a splitting headache."

"Certainly, honey," he said. Feeling his way across the dark room, he got dressed and walked over to the drug store.

As he arrived, the pharmacist looked up in surprise, "Say," said the pharmacist, "I know you - aren't you a policeman? Officer Fenwick, right?"

"Yeah, sure. So?" said the officer.

"Well, what the heck are you doing all dressed up like the Fire Chief?"


Link: http://jokes4all.net/cheating-jokes?p=5

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Marianne, I think I'm a bad influence on you.  :O :blush: :ermm: :angel: :) :D

What would your teachers say about jokes like this?  :O

Marianne TheOtherTink

Lol, T(h)ink, I am and never was an angel, and everybody can have bad thoughts.



Rooster TheOtherTink

@ Tink : image

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

:D :D :devil: :D :D


I think Tink has gotten to you also Marianne! :D :D :D :D

TheOtherTink Rooster

Marianne Rooster

Lol, Rooster, yes, of course ... err - :ermm: hi hi hi :blush: cough cough :angel: - giggle giggle :D:D:D ...


Well Marianne, I have not known you as long as Rooster and Tink, so I always think of you as a bit racy, here!

Marianne Virginia

Lol, Virginia, I can only refer to the "influences" of the many - a bit to daring and protesting songs heard at the radio (namely Pierre Perret, Georges Brassens, etc., etc., or Gainsbourg, with his too erotic songs), and that was also period of the "cultural" and civil movements, leading to the massive worldwide protests in the late 60ies. Well, the climate was very "stormy" - lol.



But here, I'd rather refer to a "softer version" interpreted by Jeanne Moreau:

(Sorry, the translation found on-line is not so great.)

Well, yes, Virginia, I admit that I was/am no angel - lol.

Virginia Virginia

Marianne, with or without translation, doesn't Jeanne Moreau sing a lovely song?


Marianne Virginia

Oh yes, Virginia, it is poetry, and poetry can be very sensuous, without giving a "precise description" - lol. In many cases, one has to "read between the lines".

Other romantic songs or poems speak, though, more directly - but with elegance.

I remember "We're no Angels", but the 1955 version:


(with Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov, Basil Rathbone, ...)

Virginia Virginia

Well Marianne, I just checked to see if You Tube has the 1955 version of WE'RE NO ANGELS...no luck...

I will tell you though, the 1989 remake was such a joy, and for both Robert deNiro and especially Sean Penn, it was the first time I had ever really watched either of them, and from then on a special affection for the work of both actors!

Marianne Virginia

I did not see the "remake", but both actors are famous; I found the trailer:

and the full movie:

The trailer of the 1955 version:

and parts:

Virginia Virginia

Impressive research, Marianne!

Marianne Virginia

Lol, thank you, Virginia - I don't know if it is impressive, but checking and researching can be indeed laborious and awkward.

But if I can get some good links, it is worth it - lol.