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No, not by then, I didn't see it.

But by now, that I had the occasion to read it, I can only confirm that it is interesting - an excellent read as they say.


Geez! I had totally forgotten about that! My how things have changed. You couldn't pay me enough to go near blurtit now.

I hope you and I don't have a problem here, Kninjanin. If so, please let me know.

The rest is still pretty much the same but I'm now a mod on Matrix games Forum and just beta test games for Slitherine.

Kninjanin Rooster

I don't have a problem. I don't see scammers and trolls.

Rooster Rooster

@ Kninjanin : I meant more like you have a personal problem with me. I thought I did a pretty good job on blurtit. I kept the spam and trolls away anyways.

Kninjanin Rooster

I don't have a problem with you. 


Yeah, I asked him the question via Email or private messaging. I think that page needs some better formatting to distinguish questions and answers.


No, I hadn't seen the interview, but I was aware of the problems with blurtit, for which reasons I never joined that site.


Yes I think I DID read it, Kninjanin...I consulted with Rooster quite a lot as I was looking for a good Q/A site, because he was checking around. We were both on AnswerMug for a while too, but we both ended up here on SOLVED. This is the only Q/A site I go to now!

TheOtherTink Virginia

AnswerMug had/has its problems too.  I'm still listed as a member there, but I can't log in unless I email them for a new password.  Fat chance of that.  :D