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Mar 24 in Websites by Kninjanin (3,583 points)

I found that many Blurtit members are in I joined to askerspick and I saw I cannot post.

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Rooster Mar 24

I stayed on that nonsense site for two days and left. Didn't see much to it myself and since I left blurtit well over a year or so ago, I haven't had any contact with those people and don't know if I really want to either. I thought the site was a joke myself.

Kninjanin Rooster Mar 24

I also lost contact with them. They didn't ask for my phone number, email or social media account.

Rooster Rooster Mar 24

@Kninjanin : Most had my e-mail but after I was no longer a mod? They dropped any contact with me at all and a couple have said some pretty rotten things about me also. They only care about themselves.

TheOtherTink Mar 24

It seems that Askerspick has nothing to recommend it.  :ermm:

It is true.

Virginia Mar 24

Dear Kninjanin,

Do you know why you cannot post to askerspick? I have no reason for asking, it just seems strange!

I have never heard of it. Since closed down, I have counted on Didge, and Rooster too, to let me know about any good Q/A sites. I like this one SOLVED because of the people here, even though very few of us are here I always get good quality answers and fun too!

But I wish there were more variety of people here, and variety of questions. I like homework questions because they help refresh my learning, for example. I thought Blurtit was just about perfect, but then I learned that was because Rooster was spending several hours per day keeping the site clean and operating well!

So I am always glad to see your Internet questions Kninjanin, I learn lots about what is going on. But based on what you all are saying here, I don't think I will try askerspick...:ermm:

Kninjanin Virginia Mar 25

I don't know why I can't post.

Virginia Virginia Mar 25

Oh well, I don't think I will try it...8-)  I will wait and hope that you or Rooster or someone feels they find a good site!

Rooster Virginia Mar 25

@Virginia: I do know another site that isn't too bad and I know the guy who runs it. It's slowing down like many others now also. I had thought of re-joining when I have time but after moving and how busy it's been at Matrix? I've just been to lazy to mess with it. Rich is a really nice guy and there are some nice people on it also. Many who left A-Rite because of the crap there. Take a look, you may like it.

Virginia Virginia Mar 25

Thanks Rooster, maybe I will give it a go! Might also send this on to Didge, see if he has been there...

Kninjanin Mar 25

My profile is activated today. I can post now .A moderator is a person named Happy.

Virginia Kninjanin Mar 25

As time goes on, let us know what you think, Kninjanin!

Kninjanin Mar 31

I suspended my account. My blog posts were deleted. I inserted some historical videos that I inserted into blog posts.

Virginia Kninjanin Mar 31

THAT is discouraging, Kninjanin...very difficult to find good Internet sites, and again I appreciate your research in that area.

Rooster Kninjanin Apr 1
@Kninjanin: You can suspend your account there but you will show up again in about a week. I had to go back and delete my account or it will keep coming back. I'm sorry about your blogs but not surprised. They don't want to learn anything there or have any knowledge questions. That's why I left there also. It's just fun and games and no real topics to have any discussions on.

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