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Nasim sarrafi aghdam, the Youtuber who shot 3 people at Youtube HQ

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Apr 4 in News & Informations ⌨ by Dan (5,336 points)

Yesterday, a woman named 'Nasim Sarrafi Aghdam' has shot 3 people at Youtube headquarters for demonetization of her Youtube videos.

She had recently shared her frustration on her website and social media accounts.

Nasim Aghdam website: &

"You'd think that after we've seen Las Vegas, Parkland, the Pulse nightclub shooting, that we would see an end to this, but we have not," the surgeon, Dr Andre Campbell, told reporters on Tuesday afternoon. THE NEW YORK TIMES

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Kninjanin Apr 4


Rooster Apr 4

What gets me is that they seem to get these warnings of trouble but don't act upon them.

I can't understand nor comprehend these mindless killings. It will continue as long as it makes big news!

Death by Cop....Suicide?

Virginia Apr 4
TheOtherTink Apr 4


Another nut case.  I hope her victims all survive and recover fully.  :'(

Peter Apr 8

Dear Admin

I think the name that you wrote on the heading title is wrong.

The correct name is "Nasim Najafi Aghdam".

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