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Yes, you read correctly.  The man who lied to Congress will be teaching an ethical leadership course in the Fall at William&Mary, his alma mater, where he majored in chemistry and religion.



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Ethics? He should be teaching a class on how to bullshit and lie to people! I guess some people will just pay for a name. I'll pass.


TheOtherTink Rooster

Yes, Rooster, I wonder how much his alma mater is paying him.  :D


This discussion is actually a partial answer to a question I was thinking of posting, as to why Comey would be publishing a book that seems to say terrible things about Trump?

TheOtherTink Virginia

Well, Virginia, I think Comey has a grudge against Trump for firing him, and he may be trying to explain his totally botched handling of the Hillary email scandal.

Virginia Virginia

it's strange, Tink, anyway seems strange to me...but Trump seems to draw even more criticism than Obama did. I don't like Trump (you MAY have known that? ;)), but with all those attacks I almost find myself ready to defend him! 

(And I did defend Obama; got really disgusted only after he left office and I looked back...stopped defending him then.)

Both did get elected by due process; and I read in The Guardian that Comey may have done enough to swing the election away from Clinton toward Trump! Same article; Comey used to be Republican, now going independent...and I don't like our high officials in grudge mode, assuming you may be correct there...I hope not.

TheOtherTink Virginia

I think the level of corruption in the previous administration was monumental, aided and abetted by the complicit MSM, Comey and other high FBI officials being near the top of the list, just below the Clintons, Lynch, Holder and probably Obama himself. :ermm: