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Spoiler alert.  I will be discussing a certain aspect of the film, so if you haven't seen it, and plan to, opt out of this post.

I may have just lied.....I can't help it.  I may end up discussing more than just one aspect.  Probably more like 5 or so.:ermm:

So.....I'm just going to say it and be done.  I went to see the latest Bond movie tonight, No Time To Die....or......cancel culture comes to her majesty's secret service.  I came away underwhelmed.  Not only did they create a wife and child for James Bond, but we got the touchy-feely "new wave Bond" complete with emotional baggage...decidedly not the iconic suave and cool Bond we've been watching down through the ages.  

Of course, then there are the Bond girls, and they have been stereotypically pretty, smart, and.......well, you know.  We're introduced to a new agent, "Paloma," and she is all of the things mentioned above------very gifted, clever, vivacious, and able to hold her own as Bond's fellow agent,  Yet, she disappears after the shootout in Cuba never to be seen again in the film.  Later, following the beginning of the film,  we are fast forwarded in time and introduced to what turns out to be Bonds wife "Madeleine" and his daughter, though he doesn't know that quite yet.  Can I just say.....I don't recall another female lead in a Bond film who not only in my opinion is miscast, but continually demonstrates her ability of being little more than bland and unappealing.  I just don't get this particular casting.  

Of course, the coup de grace is Bond's character.  They kill him off!!  I cannot believe it.  After almost 60 years, because Daniel Craig is tired of playing Bond, rather than finding the next big thing, he gets blown up at the end??  Who the hell do they think they are??  You don't just kill off Bond, but isn't that the way today?  There is no longer any loyalty to the Bond franchise it would seem.  

I should have known, the movie FX were less than spectacular, in fact, there was little to celebrate in the 2 1/2 hr. film.  I guess that's what happens when Jeff Bezos's Amazon snatches up the franchise.  He'd rather play with rockets.  After all of these years, I'm sad to say......I'm done with Bond,  You kill off that character, you've just killed off your viewership.

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But wait a minute... was it unequivocally certain that Bond was indeed killed?

Old cliffhanger serials often had the hero apparently get killed at the end of an episode, but then they showed how he had miraculously escaped at the beginning of the next. Might something of this sort happen with Bond?


I love your optimism amigo, however the starburst pattern walked directly across those silo's, and it shows a piece of that ordnance spilling directly across his front blasting it.  I promise you, as posted, NO ONE would survive that.   He was up on that platform with no where to protect himself, and given that, if you watch the film, he clearly looks like he gets himself shredded.  I mean, the residual last parts of the final scenes have him talking briefly to his wife and accepting his fate just before impact.. and you have to acknowledge, in the name of accuracy, he clearly is dead, the movie pundits all declare him so, and to me, unless they have an extraordinary explanation for any future Bond endeavor, this was the end, which to me is not only a travesty, but beyond a forgivable pale.  One would have to truly suspend belief to accept anything else. 

So, throwing caution to the wind, let me guess.....if Bond comes back, it's as a multi-cultural trans woman thingy.  

No 'effin thank you chaps and chapettes.  I think I'll learn how to make a Bond martini, light a cigar and launch one of those candle kites to the real Bond's memory.  Fekkers.  My new cry may become, "Bond forever....."


Ok then, the next Bond film will take place about 20 years in the future, with his DAUGHTER following in the old man's footsteps, doing everything he did, only better. :)


A female Bond?


I suspect that is the plan.  Heaven forbid anything smacking of tradition survives.

That said, it means Carrot Top can now strap on the role of Cat Woman.  Now there is a visual.

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