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And old folk song from Gloucestershire. The girl wasn't taking.  :D


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:D:D Mine's better! :P


TheOtherTink Rooster

Maybe you're right, Rooster.  Perhaps the farm boy in the song would have been more successful proposing a one-night stand.  Wait a minute... they didn't do things like that in those days!  :O :ermm:


Well...Tink so sorry to disillusion you in all your innocence <3, but (sniff) they MAY have done a few things like "that," back in the day...here is a song that dates back to at least 1689 because that is when it was licensed (whatever that means)...although here it seems the fair maiden may have actually been the instigator thereof, also apparently a bit more than a single one-night stand ;)...just blame that cold fog with dew in England...oh and incidentally Burl Ives seems to have been hauled into the hoosegow in Mona, Utah for singing this in public (gasp, the immorality)...

Ok, Virginia, you've inspired me to write another verse for that song.  You are a BAD influence on me, spoiling my innocence like that!  :blush: :O :ermm: :) :D <3

So we began some rhythmic moves

That by and by soon brought

The carnal pleasures of the kind

The Kama Sutra taught.

She sighed, she moaned, she panted fast,

She gasped, "Sweet sir, 'tis true:

The feelings you provide, that so tickle my inside,

Are much better than the foggy, foggy dew."

Virginia Virginia

Yay for foggy dew AND kama sutra...:silly:

Virginia, 'Good Morning, Pretty Maid' was in an old song book we had in grade school, and we used to sing it in glee club.  Little did I know then I would become so debauched by 'The Foggy, Foggy Dew'.  :O :blush: :D

Virginia Virginia

Well for 1750, I do like Pretty Maid! She had some chutzpah...

Yes, I liked her spunk. :)

Maybe it's based on a true happening?

Virginia Virginia

Oh yes, I feel sure it is true! Ya canna keep a good woman, well, down...

LOL, no you can't.  :)

And I always thought the melody of the song marvelously reflects her moxie too.  :)

Virginia Virginia