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As much as I prefer this site SOLVED, Quora does supply a diversity of topics to learn from.

I did not even realize Japan had failed in a trade war! So this question and answer is very interesting to me, as I try to play catch-up in my beloved country that seems to be failing now in too many ways. ('Nother wan smile.)

And I still like to bring in these questions to request opinions from my mates here! So here it is...these intriguing comments from Xamba Yangzoim on Quora...do you know about this?


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I didn't hear anything about Japanese trade war. This Quoran mention China. China fights against the USA influence. They ban many USA websites. Chinese government don't like NGOs. Many Chinese companies work in the European countries. They bought dome Serbian companies.

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Japan is worried at this time that this supposed new trade war could affect them badly again. But that's a little off track. Japan's trade war was a failure for just the reasons your friend outlined in his answer at Qoura.

Kninjanin hit the nail on the head and China has spread her trade and companies virtually world wide and I doubt will suffer too much from this.

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I knew the Japanese made a lot of bad real-estate investments in the US, but I didn't know there was a trade war with them.

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