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I, myself didn't know this until this morning when I was reading the on-line news with breakfast.  I'm sharing it because, if it's not an international sign, it should be (and it may be).  I read this morning about a 16 year old girl who met a man on the internet who left home and met up with the guy, leaving with him.  He turned out to be in his 60's and, she finally came to the realization, as she rode with him that this was not going to end well.  I'm not sure if they were at a gas station or on the highway, but she gave the "I need help" sign to a motorist who, happened to know the sign,  Well done him! for knowing it, and he called it in to police and stayed with the car until police caught up and were able to intercede.  While I'm not privy to the details, the news report said it was not going to end well for her, so I'll go with that.  But, after reading that, I'm thinking to myself....."what sign.....what's the bloody sign!!"  so, I looked it up and this was what I learned.  You should learn it too if you don't know it.  Had I not learned it, I would assume someone might be waving to me.

Canadian Women's Foundation on Instagram: “Artist: @alanna_cavanagh #SignalforHelp is a way for those at risk of violence at home to video call for help without leaving a digital…”

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I learned the sign when it was part of a news report on this case.

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I didn’t know that

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