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As I have been in the hospital with my new laptop, my Skype keeps going off with people from Ghana wanting money or something. Nothing but people from Ghana!!!!

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Hi Rooster!

Great hearing from you!

I hope the operation went well and that you are well on the mend.

Has  a Ghanaian princess asked if she could deposit $10 million into your bank account yet? 

You just have to send her your account number. She'll give you a million for your trouble. :)


:D Thank you and I'm doing well. Got both eyes done and two operations on my liver. Find out more next week.

That's all I seem to get on Skype! But they all sweet talk me and then ask for money!!! LOL

Very glad to hear you're doing well.

I didn't know about your eyes. Cataracts?

I'm amazed that they still try that old sweet talk/ask for money scam. Doesn't everyone in the world know about it by now? I guess they must find new marks all the time, or they wouldn't keep doing it.

I haven't seen the "you have won the lottery" scam in ages.

Yes, cataracts in both eyes. Not bad yet but had them done while I was there. I can see great now!

Finally figured out how to shut it down on the Alienware laptop. Now I can see everything again! 


Yes, just starting, so it was best to get them done while I was there! Old fart! LOL
Yes, cataracts in both eyes! Wonderful but fixed now. Just hope the liver tests come back good!
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I know scammers well. They contacted me sometimes. Last years, their messages are not frequent in my inbox.

Once, they sent SMS to my mobile phone. It was 16 - 17 years ago. They offered millions of UK pounds. I have no idea how they found phone number. I did not use Internet then.
I found some videos about scammers:

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